Please Read the Information Below Before Registering:
  1. Welcome to the Tournament of Honor.  Enjoy a modernized and addictive tournament for Heroes of Might and Magic VII!
  2. Administrators reserve the right to penalize or remove from ToH at will.  This is generally due to cheating, poor conduct in games or chatrooms, and creating fake accounts in most cases.
  3. All games once won or lost must be reported on time using the win or loss report program.
  4. ToH Has been designed as a site for keeping track of player records, at the same time creating a fun competitive environment with fun innovative subtournaments.
  5. Hot Seat games do not count for ToH points, however, without permission of ToH staff.
  6. Join ToH to have fun, meet new people online, and be a part of the Might and Magic community!
  7. *Players will not be able to see their record on rankings (even if a win or loss has been submitted) until the registration has been activated by a ToH administrator.