Players should first Register all their information.  Your registration is automatically updated, and you can search your name or other players names using the 'find players' button.  Take note it can take over 24 hours before your registration is reviewed and activated.
When you are ready to play, use the UBIsoft online matching server to meet opponents online.
It is very important that you report your win or loss as soon as you finish a game, if you want to see your rankings updated properly. To confirm your opponent is a tournament player, ask them for their name, ranking, and check it on the rankings page, or player search.  The unreported games page allows you to see if an opponent has a pending game reported against you.
You can go to your user profile access to modify your name, email, and upload an 'avatar' image to your rankings page & statistics. You can also retrieve your password here if you forget it.
To enter specialty tournaments, such as Clans, Warlords, The Hero, etc.., you need to have at least 4 games played on record, that is, be a footman rank or higher, and for them to be open.  The main rankings system is the main tournament, and only join specialty subtournaments if you have the free time.
Browse through the site, visit the rest of the page below for more details about the tournaments, rankings and promotions. There is a lot of material on this site, so be sure to also visit the Hall of Fame, Players Photo section, Old News & History, and medals & awards sections.
If there is still any confusion about anything relevant to the tournament, email Vesuvius, or visit the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS at the bottom.

Points and rankings methodology

All beginning players start with a base score of 1000. Player ratings provide a way to compare the strengths of two players without requiring them to play each other. It is not a competition. The rating system is similar to that used in chess ratings, the higher the rating, the better the player.

  • Ratings are recalculated after each game, using the following formulae:
  • Rn=Ro + 30 +0.05*(D) if they win, or Rn=Ro - (20 + 0.05*(D) ) if they lose.
  • where Rn is the new (post-game) Rating, Ro is the old (pre-game) Rating, and (D)
  • is the difference between opponents pre-game ratings.

So for example, if a player with a ranking of 1000 beats a player with ranking of 1100, the winner moves up to 1035, the loser moves down to 1075. If the 1100 ranked player beats the 1000 ranked, winner moves up to 1125, loser moves down to 985.
Players are promoted in this manner:

Graphic Title Points Requirements
Recruit Less than 4 games on record
Footman 0-1149 pts
Squire 1149-1299 pts
Baron 1300-1499 pts
Legionnaire  1500-1699 pts
Lord  1700-1899 pts
Emperor 1900 + pts

The Honor Rating & System

The Honor Rating is calculated as a percentage, each player starting at 50% when they register.  The value then is shown on the player info & statistics as a description based on the percentage:
90-100% - Highest Honor
70-89% - High Honor
50-69% - Honorable
40-49% - Average
20-39% - Poor
0-19% - Disgraceful

Players who hit 0% can be removed from TOH.  In general, the % changes based on your opponents opinion of your game during the winloss submission; +1% for honorable, -3% for dishonorable, and no change in the default neutral.
Unreported losses -  When a player does not report their loss and does not dispute it when it is found on the unreported winloss page, they lose 5% honor after 5 days of it being on the unreported page, and the entry is deleted automatically. If you have a game on the unreported page that should not be there, ie you made a mistake, etc., please email the responsible party for correction. Do NOT assume we will know it's a mistake and remove it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- I have played several games, and reported them, but why am I still not on the Rankings Page?
If your opponent hasnt reported their win or loss against you, your report remains in dispute, and can be visited via the unreported win/losses link. Also, it may take up to 24 hours before your last report is updated, so be patient.

2- It isnt on the unreported file either! what now?
Did you make sure you put in your email/map info when you reported your win or loss? If win/loss report is not filled out correctly, it is usually discarded. If still a problem, just email Vesuvius, and he will correct the problem for you.

3- I cant seem to report my game "winner or loser not found!!!!!!"?
Make sure you know your name, password and your opponents name properly.  If misspelled, or your opponents name is typed differently from what it states on player search, then you wont be able to submit.

4- How do I join a Tournament?
If you've played more than 4 games on record (that is Footman ranked or higher) you just need to read over each OPEN  tournament information and register by contacting the appropriate tournament coordinator. Tournaments may be closed because they are either full, in progress, or not actively running.

5- What is this clan thing?
A part of The Tournament with its own independent system, you can be a clan member if you wish, by contacting the clan leader listed (if the clan isnt full). You need 4 games like before.

6- What is considered Illegal/Cheating?
Using cheat codes, trainers, looking at saves, editing the map to your advantage etc... Players should know that this kind of thing can only bring them down and out of the tournament.

7- My opponent dropped on me, do I get a win?
Depends. If your opponent is a member of the Tournament, with name listed in rankings, yes you can get credit, but only if the game was near finished. Try playing reliable players, that is players who have a significant record. Make sure you contact your opponent by email to try to continue the game first.