2004: ToH Re-unites Heroes III & Heroes IV Together
Player Photo Page Update [12/30/04]
The Player Photo Page is finally updated, with lots of new photos, be sure to check it out!

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A Note About Player Made Rules  [12/25/04]
We receive many emails from players complaining about how their opponent broke a rule that had been agreed upon before their game began. 
ToH's longstanding policy regarding player-made rules is clearly outlined in the
Honor Council Pages.
Players who feel the need to include certain rules (eg. no Dip, Fly, D Door, Hit/Run, etc.) in their games are entirely free to do so, but please be forewarned that the Honor Council will not make any rulings in disputes which involve the breaking of such rules. We will not reverse losses, restore rankings points, or adjust player records for games that were lost because such rules were broken.
However, it should be noted that we will severely penalize those individuals who insist upon playing under such rules and then intentionally break them in order to obtain an unfair advantage over their opponents.
To put it simply, players are free to use whatever rules they wish in their games but shouldn't expect intervention from the Honor Council in the event those rules are broken. 
-Lichking, Honor Council 

Caesars Finals Tournament Round 2 [12/01/04]
Every player who has won at least one game is rewarded with advance to round 2, but the more wins, the easier it will be to move to round 3. 
Currently, Gustn has the strongest position, by winning all 3 of his games, and moving automatically to round 3.  Gagatek, Camoes, Balcough_Dragons, Ghasteater, Papa_Zd, Rock_Bul, Heroes_Magic, and Middle_warrior all won 2 games, and play a standard match of best 2 out of 3 vs. a single opponent.
For those who one just one game in round 1, have a more 'endurance' match set up, where they do two sets of best 2 out of 3 games, and only one of three of them from each side can make it to the 3rd round.  Deadline for Round 2 is January 30th.
Caesars Finals Tournament [9/18/04]
A new season will probably start in early 2005, also with the hope that we will have some news of a forthcoming HeroesV.   The Caesars Finals will each have one victor for H3 & H4.  The Tournament will begin on October 1st.
For Heroes 3 competitors: All Emperor & Lord Ranked players may participate in the finals; expect to be able to play until December.
For Heroes 4 competitors: All Legionnaire & Baron Ranked players over 1400pts may participate in the finals; expect to be able to play until December.
It will be an elimination tournament, with the first round allowing multiple matches with different players involved.  Visit last years' Caesars' Finals to see how the setup worked.
Contact admin@toheroes.com for registration.
Emperor [7/19/04]
So now Frank, and The_Saint_BG, both longtime veterans of ToH dominate the Emperor Rank, both whom have been there before.  Both are Heroes III ranked players, with the top Heroes IV player still ranked as Legionnaire (Camoes).
So why is it that while the main rankings are dominated by Heroes III addicts, the ToH Clans are almost entirely now populated with Heroes IV players?  Maybe because Heroes IV players have had more experience with the clans system from last season, or the fact that there is a lot more patience and cohesion required to keep a clan war going as opposed to random, free challenge games.
Whatever the case, we hope that Heroes V will reunite the players together again :)

The New Lords [6/19/04]
Three Heroes III players have made it to the Lord rank, surpassing the 1700 point mark.   Question now is, who will be the first Emperor?
Frenzy_Dragon, a Bulgarian player relatively new to ToH, has the lead, and seems to enjoy that ultrapopular map Desert War, where most of his games are played.
Frank, a longtime veteran of Heroes II and Heroes III, also with a record number of Azure dragons to his name (5 Azures means he has been Lord/Emperor for 5 seasons!!), is possibly the most advanced Heroes III veteran/tactician in ToH.  He is mostly a Random Map player, with his favorite fixed map being Hourglass 3.
Pengu, a total random map addict, playing 95% of his games on randomly generated maps.  He seems to play anyone without prejudice.

Getting too much into the Game?? [5/11/04]
Looks like Heroes 4 addict Insatiable has lost his way onto the battlefield.  That big smile on his face might change when he realizes how small his sword really is.  For more fun pics of players, visit here.
Heroes 3 Map Issues [6/3/04]
It has come to our attention that some have been playing and reporting illegal maps for game play. NOTICE: Small maps of any make and Tactician Maps are NOT eligible for Tournament play. To try to prevent this, neither _SELECT MAP or Unlisted Map are available on the report page selections. If your opponent has already reported a game with one of these selections send an email to raven@toheroes.com with the exact map name to receive credit for the game. You will also notice that many maps have been added to the available selections from other tournaments. If you have a favorite map that still is not listed, you are welcome to send a copy of the map to me for consideration and addition to the available selections. ONLY maps listed on the report page are eligible for credit for tournament play. Thank you for your understanding and patience and I hope you realize this is done to maintain the integrity of the tournament. ~~Raven
Clan Tactical Map Updated [5/6/04]
Seven clan wars are now complete, and the lands of Axeoth are being conquered.  Heroes III and IV teams are pretty even on conquest, but the Magic Titans currently have the most lands, and The Guardians are the first to receive a clan power.
True Heroes Madmen [4/16/04]
The longtime Heroes Addict Madman award is an ugly medal, but prestigious in its own right.  The player who has had the most games played is awarded this; in this case Bossbodiddly, currently standing at 280 games!   Heroes_Magic is in second place at 265 games, and Zud a close third at 263 games....

The Mad Fight to the Top of the Ranks [4/2/04]
So players are now seen moving up into the Baron ranks, though nobody has achieved Legionnaire rank just yet.  What is interesting is how the Heroes III players are dominating the top ranks over Heroes IV players.  Mostly due to the fact that H3 still has twice more activity.

So right now players Kanting and RealDim are in the top positions, around 1350 points in Baron Rank.  The top Heroes IV players are somewhat behind, in Squire Rank, B.M. and The Teacher leading the way.

Clans, Warlords & a Reminder [3/22/04]
Both Heroes III and Heroes IV sides have opened up their first Clans, a Naturist Philosophy for H3, and a Rogue for H4.  Ark_troll1 and The_Teacher being the first pioneers.  Overall, it looks like the Heroes 3 players are more active from what is seen on the rankings page.
The lower ranked Warlords shields have all been taken, and its a smaller simpler subtournament for players who wish to boost their prestige rankings just a little.

The Reminder goes to players regarding reporting wins & losses; remember that there is a separate H4 and H3 reporting page on the player control panel.  You'll usually know you made that mistake when you get errors reporting or finding the map you played not on the list.

Welcome to Tournament of Honor United [3/16/04]
ToH is now reopened with a new look, and a new season begins together with Heroes III and Heroes IV players on the same rankings page.  Players can participate in both sides if they wish, having an account in both Heroes III and Heroes IV.  Make sure you are registered in both!  Take note of several things:

  • The rankings page indicates your status as a Heroes III or Heroes IV player with the following icons.  
  • All tournaments including Clans will support both Heroes III and Heroes IV.  The upgrades & powers are still under discussion, and you can help discuss the refining of them here.
  • The Player Control Panel is probably what you should bookmark, it is where you will be spending a lot of your visits, reporting wins, losses, and checking up on unreported games
Some Grand Masters of Heroes [3/16/04]
Looking all serious, 3 of the best heroes players sit together to contemplate their next moves in the new season.  From left to right: 
The_Saint_Bg, Rock_bul, and Bad_Boxa.   Eastern European players have somewhat dominated the aging Heroes III gaming circles, and they come from Bulgaria.  For more photos of players (700+ of them!) Visit the player photo page.

New Season's Opening: March 16th, 2004 [2/10/04]
ToH Heroes 4 and Heroes 3 seasons will reopen on March 16th under the new set up. In the meantime you can let your ideas be heard by visiting the message board and posting your ideas. Please take a look at all the sticky threads on the "Tournament of Honor" Heroes Community Board.

Season's Ending:  February 20th, 2004 [2/10/04]
ToH Heroes 4 and Heroes 3 seasons will close for two weeks starting the 20th of February.  When the new seasons starts:

  • The Heroes 3 and Heroes 4 ToH will be combined into one page, with rankings on the same page.  Players can have either a heroes 3 record or heroes 4 record, or both.
  • Players' records will reset to 1000 points, everyone starts again as recruit.
  • Players' win/loss records and maps played carries over, as well as prestige and honor ratings.
Congrats to H4 Players who showed extreme honor  [2/11/04]
After reviewing dozens of candidates for the Medal of Honor, the following players receive this emblem  of the most honorable in ToH:   Abusoliera, Arangar, Balcough Dragons, Blue Camel, Doomsquest, Gustn, KennyStarfighter, Insatiable, Slugger and TTTargan holds the MVP award, which is the highest honor given out to any player.
  • Veteran Icons from past seasons carry over, and new vet icons will be given to current season ranked players for both homm3 and homm4:
Emperors Lords
1800 & over
1799 & lower
1600 & over
1599 & lower
1400 & over
1399 & lower
  • A new Heroes 3/4 Clans will open up as a main tournament for ToH.
All Hail Valkyrica, the First Caesar of ToH [2/9/04]
Through a long and grueling fight for the top -- 4 months later best of Homm4 multiplayer skill proves Valkyrica to be in the forefront.  Gustn and The Teacher came in second place.  Congratulations to Valkyrica, he gains 50 prestige points, permanent recognition as the Caesar, and a $100 cash prize.
Player photo page updated [1/8/04]
Melissa says 'sorry' for the delay, getting lazy on the player photo page updates!  But anyways, lots of new player photos added....

New Map Council Chairman [1/4/04]
Jinxer is now head of map council, with the ability to upload, update and modify the maps page.  So all map updates and new map submissions should go to him.  Blue_Camel and Thunder remain as members of the map council working with Jinxer.