2003: Activity in Heroes IV Increases
Season II of Heroes IV ToH [12/16/03]
It has been over a year now, since the first Season of Homm4 ToH began.  In the past, for Homm3 seasons, their lengths averaged 8 months.  The extended season has been due to less activity than what existed during the Heroes III era.  However, a new season will begin somewhere in early February, depending on the Caesar finals' conclusion.  

So what happens in a new season?  All points and ranks are reset to Recruit/1000pts, but all winloss records remain, and all medals stay.  Players with ranks of Baron or higher will also receive prestigious veteran icons, which will carry over indefinitely.

The hope is, that once Season II of H4 ToH comes to an end in 12-15 months from now, Heroes V will be around the corner :)

Put to the Hall of Shame [12/05/03]
Werewolf, a player whom started early in the Heroes 4 season, quickly rose up in the ranks, and moved to be one of the best players who participated in the Caesar finals.  However, it looks like the pressure to win in the Caesars' finals was too much for him, and he attempted to cheat by editing the map to his advantage.  So he has lost his whole record, and everything he achieved in this tournament.

Honor Council Update [11/14/03]
Bobntamr1, who was an honor council member for the past year in Heroes4 ToH, has retired from heroes, and is now replaced by Zud, who takes over all duties Bobntamr had, joining up with the two original Honor Council members, Deth8 and Lichking.

One of these players will become the first Caesar of ToH [10/24/03]
6 finalists remaining, TC_Fear, The Teacher, Gustn, Werewolf, Valkyrica and Kennystarfighter.  So whom do you think will win in the end?

New Maps Added [9/28/03]
There are now 78 multiplayer-only maps on the Maps Page.  They are all well playtested by many members, and so are all useful to play against human opponents.   Also, a new addition to our Map Council - Thunder will be able to recieve maps and review them for addition to the Maps Page.

This Seasons' Highest Honor - Most Valuable Player [8/23/03]
Joining the ranks of Lichking, Zud and select others, Targan has been given ToH's most respected award.  Who is a Most Valuable Player?  Someone who absolutely loves the game to serious addiction levels, but also plays with respect and honor to other players.  In Targans' case, he has had an absolutely untarnished history of comraderie and positive remarks from the community.  To Targan:  You also recieve $100 in Ebgames.com credit; contact the ToH admin for details.

H4 SeasonI
Honorable Mentions [8/23/03]
For the past month, dozens of players were 'reviewed' by peers and staff members for the MVP award, and while Targan was selected amongst this short list, these players may have been just as deserving:  Arangar, Slugger, and Insatiable.   There are dozens more who do not make the list here but have shown to be great players with high honor and a thank you goes out to all players who participate for the love of the game.

Grandmasters' Tournament - The Caesar [8/4/03]
Players with 1500 point ranking or higher are invited to participate in a grandfinals tournament to see who will win the most prestigeous title of ToH's First Heroes 4 Season.  Go visit the Tournament Page to see if you qualify, and plan to participate.

Brave_Heart account removed [8/29/03]
Because many will likely be very interested in this case we are making this post to make all aware and to read if you like.  Brave_Heart was a second account that AzuredragonTM had created and had been playing in addition to his AzuredragonTM account.  You can see our initial email to him here, his reply here, and our final decisions here. -The Honor Council

UBI Soft Purchases the Homm Franchise [8/16/03]
Anyone with the knowledge of gaming publishers and distributors knows that this is a good thing, UBI has produced some great results in other franchises, and provides good support.  Its European based company can give fresh fuel for a series that nearly died with Homm4.  
But with this excitement, comes the reality check:  Even if they do make a Heroes 5 or its variant, it would be at least another 2 years before it would be in our hands.  So the gaming community of H3 and H4 ToH must be patient, and this tournament will continue through this wait period to support online players.

The Addict Madman Medal Stolen! [8/7/03]
Zud, the greatest heroes3 addict of all time, has taken the Addict madman medal from Valkyrica, and currently has 168 Heroes4 games played on record.  Congratulations to ToH's ultimate madman.  Check out Zud's play record & history Here.

The True Face of a Madman

Memories of Old X [7/25/03]
Any of you played Heroes II will know that the music in homm2 for the series was undoubtedly the best of all 4.  So on occasion we will post a music track for you to download and listen to from Heroes 2, and Heroes 1 :)   (WMA file - not Mp3).  
The last of the heroes1 town music is the Sorceress, a long track with a cute and casual tune, that suited the shining white walls and pretty scenery of the town's screen. 
Heroes 1 Sorceress Music - Download
Past Weeks' Music: 
Heroes 1 Barbarian Music
- Download
Heroes 1 Warlock Music
- Download
Heroes 2 Necromancer Music
- Download
Heroes 2 Sorceress Expansion Music
- Download
Heroes 2 Good & Evil Music
- Download
Heroes 2 Expansion Barbarian Town Music
- Download
Heroes 1 Knight Town Music
Heroes 2 Grassy Terrain Music - Download
Heroes 2 Wizard Town music
- Download

. Caught in the Act [6/13/03]
Here we see Aculias, probably a little tipsy dancing while his friends watch.  Of course, these are the times he decides to visit  the Heroes Community message board and start typing!  To see the latest photos of Heroes players visit the player photo page!

"A Picture Means 
A 1000 Words"
The Death of Heroes? [5/30/03]
3D0 has filed bankruptcy, its employees are being fired, and their upcoming projects are being shut down.  With NWC cut off from any future projects, we can only hope that the Might & Magic franchise will be bought by a reputable company like EA, and that a future for HeroesV may still exist.
From the beginning ToH did not follow the trend of many sites' kissing up to 3D0 for handouts; for our opinion of the company and its bogus boss (2D0-imention thinking Trip Hawkins) was that their operations were bogus from the start.  Take note though that the boss Trip Hawkins does leave with millions and is set for life, no matter what happens to 3D0 and its employees who get the axe.
ToH Will be Here, as Long as there Are Players [5/30/03]
Can anyone see the Irony in the picture above?  Though 3D0 may have killed NWC, and then died with it, ToH has stood the test of time, and will be here, as long as there are Heroes3 and Heroes4 players to support.
More Multiplayer Maps Added [5/23/03]
Now totaling 65 unique multiplayer maps each with their own style of gameplay.  Try some of the latest maps playtested on ToH.

Heroes V -- From The Founder [5/18/03]
Jon Van Caneghem was interviewed at the E3, and the most relevant multiplayer details from this interview is listed below:

  • It is interesting to see JVC talk about homm4, it looks like he really did not like it. And in reality, he was farthest from that project compared to homm1-3. Its also nice to see that his wife had so much to do with the game.
  • Looks like homm5 will be a lot more tactical, less RPG, and from what he seems to be detailing in the interview, this game may bind homm4 and homm3 players together.
  • JVC: 'I feel like I owe it to the fans, to bring back Heroes the way it was, as opposed to what it kind of evolved into' -This is good to hear.
  • Looks like 6 town types have been confirmed, so similar to homm3. Mention of 'Titans & Giants' also can mean that the 'creature upgrade' method of homm3 is there too.
  • Rumor becoming fact:  Homm5 will have no heroes participating on the battlefield like in homm4.
  • Of course, Homm5 ToH will be there, and it would be nice to see all the homm3 and homm4 vet icons carry over for some of those veterans who have been participating in ToH for over 4 years now.
.. Final Call to Hot Seat in Phoenix [5/8/03]
Those of you planning to come to the Hot Seat weekend in Phoenix (June 13-18), please contact Vesuvius to confirm that you are coming!

2vs2 Team Tournament Open For Registration [4/28/03]
Through ToH members' requests, a ToH Alliance tournament is now open for registration for all Footman ranked players an above.  Those who wish to participate in this will need a lot of free time on their hands!

Congratulation to the Speeddeamon Grandmaster [4/12/03]
A grandfinals pitting Valkyrica vs Gustn in speedeamon leaves Gustn winning 2-0.  He wins the title of Speedeamon Grandmaster, and will recieve a copy of Heroes V, whenever that is!  We can assume that Gustn clicks like a freakshow and has a speedy computer.
All Hail The First Emperor [4/5/03]
A longtime Heroes3 and Heroes4 veteran, Hidden_Dragon is now the first player to surpass 1900 points and hold the rank of Emperor.   Also, Valkyrica stole Bobntamr's Addict Medal, with 122 games on record at this moment, and is the new madman freakshow of ToH.
The Heroes4 Addict Madmen of ToH [4/3/03]
The current holder of the Addict Madman Medal is Bobntamr1, who has exclusively held it since the beginning of the season, and now has 120 games to his record.   However, Valkyrica, is very close behind him, currently at 119 games to his record.  Will Valkyrica steal Bobntamr's addict madman status?   We should not discount Zud either, who is currently at 115 games, and was the addict madman titleholder for years in Heroes3 ToH.

The True Face of a Madman
2,000,000 [3/25/03]
In just a matter of days, we will hit the 2 million visitors mark.  The player who manages to most closely screencapture the 2,000,000 mark gets a hero biscuit.

And the Winner Is... AzuredragonTM.   Enjoy your award :)

General Tournament News [3/21/03]
Map Ratings & Popularity updated and some new maps added.
The Hero
tournament is now open, players may free challenge others for hero points.
continue their battles for the land of Axeoth, new clan wars have been set up, lots of room for upcoming barons to start new clans. 
Call to Power
is in round 2, three of these 12 semifinalists will find themselves in the grandfinal, one to be directly promoted to Legionnaire.
Speed Deamon semifinalists are matched up for round 2.
Warlords is currently dominated by Zud, with other shieldholders ready for challenges.

Heroes V news and 3.0 Patch... Cool. [2/20/03]
The very first screenshots of Heroes V are posted on Celestial Heavens, and they look interesting.  It is always exciting to see what is to come for the heroes community, especially for us multiplayer fans.
There is also a 3.0 update for Heroes IV, which fixes some minor bugs.  It does not unfortunately, fix the lengthy data transfer speeds.

Heroes IV and III Hot Seat in June [3/16/03]
Any Heroes gamer is welcome to Vesuvius & Melissa's house in Phoenix, Arizona between Friday June 13th through Wednesday June 18th.   Lots of room, 3 computers ready to fire up a multi-night heroes hot seat session.  Food, drink, and other goodies provided.  Please contact Vesuvius if interested in attending.  Those in California have no excuse... be there!

Four Years of ToH [3/1/03]
As of today, ToH has actively been supporting heroes for 4 years now.  About 50,000 games and 4000 active members since its inception, ToH will be here, as long as Heroes exists, in some form.  For a taste of the 'good old days' visit some of these pages:
ToH - March 1999:  What ToH looked like 4 years ago, when it was first concieved.  Notice the old rankings page.... lot has changed since.
Heroes III Rankings:  See what the top records were for the past 4 years, in the past 4 seasons of ToH.
Heroes III Hall of Fame:  The ancient way of listing prestige points, was a rankings page all of its own, now no longer linked on ToH.
Lords of ToH:  Possibly the most ambitious tournament for ToH, it had its strong points and weak points, the biggest problem was managing something of this magnitude.
Heroes Classic and Titans of ToH:  During our long wait for Heroes4 multiplayer, we devised a tournament for the intermission, but people wanted another real season of ToH.
ToH Divisions:  Eventually got blended in with Clans, to become what Clans of Axeoth tournament is today.
ToH Nations:  Another ambitious project that did have some sort of resolution, but extremely hard to manage.  Brought out national pride though.
One thing you can note from all this history, is that stuff in ToH does not disappear or get deleted, so many of you who have been here in the beginning can always look up your hard earned history.  For more history, if you are bored inbetween long turns and transfer times, visit the Old News page, which is the most thorough of ToH history, from day one :)

Call to Power Tournament Starting Soon [2/27/03]
Any aspiring footmen who have not signed up should now, before the tournament begins.  Registered Players will be matched up on March 1st, and can begin their Call to Power.   Remember, if you are ranked 1150 or higher, or do not have at least 4 games on record, you cannot sign up.

A Clan Starts to Dominate [2/18/03]
The Clan Unholy Alliance now holds 5 adjacent lands of Axeoth, dominating a significant portion of the mainland, and moves to a level 2 upgrade.  Besides having a strong team, they are also very active.  The clan leader Valkyrica is harvesting the fruits of his success as their leader.  Still though, there are several other strong clans and new ones on the rise that will contain their growth.   See their progress on this Tactical Map.

Tournament News Update [2/14/03]
Clans continue their battles for the land of Axeoth, a dozen lands have already been conquered.   
Call to Power
is now open for registration, footman ranked players only.
Speed Deamon is open for registration, and players can begin combat on February 20th.
Warlords is off to a slow start, but will remain an active subtournament through to the end of the season, and histories remain of all past victors.
The Hero will open later next month.

The Tournaments are Ready [2/7/03]
The first subtournament opening today is Warlords, a simple title holding tournament where players challenge others for a prestigeous shield depending on rank.  The next two will open up next week:  
Call To Power: Will allow newer and weaker players in the Footman ranks get a chance to participate in an elimination tournament with lots of glory and prestige.
Speed Deamon: 1 minute turns turn up the heat, and make longer games go faster, but only a few will prevail.  Games will have the rush of Warcraft of Command & Conquer...
The Hero: A wildly popular tournament where you have only your starting hero the entire game, and if you lose it, you lose the game.
Heroes of War:  Probably will be the most active and addictive tournament, players purchase heroes, spells, artifacts and creatures, and battle it out on predesigned battlefields testing each others' combinations. Winners move up and upgrade their armies for the next battles.

Bug Notice:  Extra Hero Movement [2/2/03]
As of today, use of the "Extra Hero Movement" bug will be considered cheating. It is amazing that some players would consider such a bug as "fair play" without ever informing their opponent they are using game bugs. 
 -The Honor Council

Time for Tournaments [1/28/03]
So what kind of subtournament of ToH would you like to find yourself participating in?  There is the Clans of Axeoth, but we are looking to open up a smaller subtournament, such as Addicts, Speedeamon, Heroes of War, The Hero, Call to Power, and Domination: Warlords.  Which one would you prefer to see up soon?  Post your opinion on this thread

Post-Purchase Review of Gathering Storm [1/21/03]
There has been many previews & reviews of this expansion pack, but people want to know, is it worth getting if I am only interested in multiplayer?   Well after playing it through and through....
The Campaigns are actually more interesting and fun than H4 original to play, however nothing really new or exciting is added beyond that to make the purchase worth it.  Only benefits to the multiplayer community are:
-Enhanced map editor (easier to make maps).
-Includes Multiplayer patch (if you dont have it already).
So if you dont care about making maps, and have the patch already, save your money, or at least wait till they make another 'platinum edition' :)

Player photo Page Updated!!! [1/13/03]
I have updated the Player Photo Page with dozens of new player photos submitted by members.  We now have over 500 photos posted since 1999!  Submit your own if you havent yet, or another one if you already have, there is always room for more, especially players new to ToH playing heroes4!

-Melissa X

Clan deadlines updated [1/12/03]
Clans of Axeoth wars are now updated with new deadlines.  Clan leaders and players observe them.  All clan ranks and awards updated as well.

Homm4 Multiplayer Activity On the Rise - Observation [1/11/03]
It seems that since Christmas, activity on Heroes4 ToH has gone up by 40%, and new players are signing up more than ever before.  Could it be that many got Homm4 for Christmas?  Or the holidays was homm4 time for the heroes addicts?  Whatever the case, its a good thing :)

Bobntamr1 (left) doesn't realize that homm4 is out already and offers homm3 to Hawaiian Visitors.
What are you up to for the Holidays? [12/24/2002 - 1/9/2003]
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, make sure your new years resolution involves heroes4.   Melissa & Vesuvius will be away from December 23 to January 9th, so please contact Jinxer, Deth8, Bobntamr1 or Lichking for any problems or specific updates.  
Another Maps Page update [12/10]
The Popularity Rating found Maps Page now gets updated once a week, and counts the actual number of times the specific map has been played.  As of 12/10, the most popular maps are listed to the right.   Notice though these maps have been around the longest, so obviously more people have had the chance to play them.
Top Maps/# of times played:
Dog Days  150
Borings' Mountain  130
Death Valley  100
Plains of Despair  100
Youri's Heart of Winter  100
Showdown  90
If these Wall could Talk   75
Shallow be Thy Game  60
Chameleon  55