2001: ToH in its 3rd season, and activity is at a peak.
Happy New Years! and a Hi! From Hawaii [12/28]
Hope everyone is having a relaxing break from work or school.  Vesuvius and Melissa will be back on Jan 2nd.  Also for you Clan players take note that an Arena Tournament will be starting shortly.  Remember to Contact Jinxer, Deth8 or Lichking whenever you have questions or issues that would usually go to Vesuvius.  Anyone bored or truly looking to browse ToH, should visit the Old News section, 3 years of history .... fun to read.  Happy New Years, make a wish that Heroes IV does not get delayed anymore!    -Blub

Circle of Knowledge Finals Completed, Congrats to JB239. [12/13]
The Trivia Finals were completed tonight, with 10 finalists answering 70 Trivia questions.   Jb239 stood out in first place, winning the Circle of Knowledge plaque and a future copy of Heroes IV.   Congratulations also to the 3 players who tied at second place:   Jex, Andiangelslayer, and Jiels.  Honorable mention also goes to Motorshaaf, who got most answers during the 80 days of daily questions.  Players whom wish to see the finalists 70 questions and answers can click Here or visit the Knowledge page.

17 gigabytes!  Talk about activity! [12/4]
I got an email today from hour server host, that the bandwidth usage in TOH is exceeding the current settings and must be upgraded.  Though the ToH mainpage gets about 2000 hits a day, looking deeper on our system satistics page the entire ToH and its subpages get about 12 million hits a month!  No wonder our bandwidth was 17 gigabytes in November.  So I sent an email to 3D0 and NWC for them to realize how busy ToH is now.  Read the email I sent to them Here, and see a screenshot of the statistics for ToH.
-Melissa Perry-Simyar

Microsoft Gaming Zone Back Online. [12/12]
After 2 days of interruption, looks like MSN Zone is bug-free.  Players need to register at www.passport.com to restore their Zone accounts, then can visit here to reclaim their old zone names.  From that point on, its a matter of routine logging onto the zone to get to our heroes chatroom.

For the Heroes Trivia Madmen of ToH. [12/10]
The following players will be participating in the Knowledge Trivia Finals:  Motorshaaf, Zud, Jex, Jiels, Andiangelslayer, Hapkane, Jb239, Destro23Rychenroller, wiggy_wam, flamingo and vali3_tip are also invited to attend this finals, and compete with the rest.  The trivia begins Thursday 9pm Eastern Standard Time, where 50 questions are given out on the 'school of war' zone room.  The player with the most correct answers gets the Knowledge plaque and a copy of Heroes IV.   Spectators are welcome.

Tournament News Update [12/2]
ToH Clans - Very active, now completely full; all 50 spots for clans have been taken, so players not in clans interested in participating will need to contact the leaders of these clans who have room left.  There are also clans bound to be disbanded in the future, opening up room for fresh blood.
Battlefest - Orignal idea and development by Jb239, Pandora and Yawacko, it is a different way of playing heroes, and usually makes a much faster game.  Not played for TOH rankings, but major bonus points if you manage to be a finalist.
Warlords - The perpetual TOH tournament continues non-stop since August of 1999, and will remain open for shieldholders until season's end March 2002.
The Hero - Finals for the top 8 players has begun, we will see who out of the 100s of players ends up on top to recieve The Hero Statuette and a copy of Heroes IV!
SpeedDeamon - Also in finals, the 6 finalists now see who is the true speedeamon grandmaster.
Circle of Knowledge - The top 8 trivia masters will now participate in a finals trivia session, and the winner will recieve the Circle of Knowledge Plaque and another copy of Heroes IV!   The finals will be 50-100 questions for the 8 players, in a special zone room.  Specators are invited to watch, when the date is set.

Heroes 3.5:  Wake of Gods [11/29]
A new modification to Heroes 3 is quickly becoming popular among the internet community.  It creates some enhancements, and for some, revitalizes interest to Heroes3 until H4 comes out.  Visit the site here for details and to download the upgrade.   Players can use 3.5 for TOH games if they wish.
Wake of Gods Update [11/30]
Slava, a developer of WoG replied to the ToH inquiry: "We just should say that WoG may run incorrectly in Multiplayer. The only mode that we can guarantee is a HotSit. In any other cases it may or may not run correct. Quite possible that we will fix all problems but later for now we are busy with singleplayer bug fixing and improvement (though it will definitely improve a multyplayer then)."
Hence to the players who use WoG be careful that the game is highly editable and should be more for fun or played vs people you can trust; issues that may arise amongst players cannot be dealt with in the Honor Council.  In essence, 'play at your own risk'.

A change to Heroes III music? [11/16]
If you are pretty tired of the same old music to Heroes III towns, how about a change?  This music set downloadable below is what currently plays for my Heroes games.   All set unique and appropriate moods for each town, and are nice alternatives to the current music:

MainMenu music:  Download 4.96MB Tower Music:  Download 6.77MB
Stronghold Music: Download 5.80MB Rampart Music:  Download 1.84MB
Necro Music: Download 3.73MB Castle Music: Download 4.62MB
Inferno Music: Download 5.75MB Fortress Music: Download 2.44MB
Dungeon Music: Download 2.32MB

To facilitate your download and installation, right click on the download, and save it to your heroes3 directory, music subdirectory.   Enjoy these tracks, some lasting over 10 minutes.... can anyone guess where most of them came from?

Thanksgiving Time and Congratulations to all Honor Medalists [11/20]
Congratulations to all the players who recieved honor medals for this season; most whom had honor medals in the past seasons and got them again; and a few new players who got them for the first time.  These players represent the highest in honor, comraderie and respect for other players, and above all, addiction to heroes!  The honored players are listed below:

Free dental work for honor medal players if they visit arizona :)
Lichking, Sos*, Defreni, Zud, Lord of Kaos, Vex, Zx9, Greystole, Mocara, Amazon_King, Huma_Song*, Sl_SP, Robert1436*, Trentang, Yawacko, Good_Knight_One, Lord_Odin*, Powerlich*, Jb239, Cyborg_Ro*, Mklthrnkgl, JinxII, Sully, Grave00, Donaldfriend, Champion2u*, TdwTdw*, Jr72791, Destro23, J.Von Adler, Jordan*, Rashjones, Sleepygod, Montegoma, Tyris123, Grandelf, Titan_888, Wiggy_Wam, Motorshaaf*, Rychenroller, Uncoatedtitan*.
*these players got this medal for the first time this season

ToH Addicts of Season IV. [11/10]
TOH Addicts tournament is now over, with 1st place going to Flamingo, being a true addict, played 47 games;  2nd place to UncoatedTitan with 34 games, and Bpanik2 with 36 games.   Remember that all these games were played in a 30-day period!  All players who participated and had more than 10 games on the addicts page will also get the addict icon for their rankings.

TOH Clans - The New Season. [10/27]
Welcome to the New TOH Clans, which will be TOH's main subtournament -- Clans will run unterrupted through next year until April of 2002, approximately 6 months.  Players may register for a clan after reading all the rules and information.   Games are played as free challenge TOH points, but add to your clan, and can be used to upgrade and strengthen your clan.  Choose your clan philosophy wisely.....

Heroes IV Delays Again.. But have no fear.. Clans will be here. [10/26]
Sorry but not surprising news, that Heroes IV will be delayed even longer, March or later in Spring of 2002.   Reason given, more playtesting will be needed for new engine and creature balance etc... a good thing though, better to come out with as few gameplay problems as possible.
As a result of this, TOH season IV will extend longer than expected.  So the extremely popular TOH Clans will be reinstated, but using the new Homm4 Clans system.  This will be Season IV's major subtournament until Heroes IV comes out.

ToH Maps update. [10/21]
About 15 new maps have been updated to the TOH maps page; many thanks to Jb239, which have been played online for many months.  Some of the most popular now updated:  Invader, NorthvsSouth, Hourglass 3, BoB2.

Addicts of Heroes and TOH. [10/17]
Welcome the latest addicts of TOH, players who play dozens of heroes games in a week.... perhaps because they have nothing better to do?  Players such as Uncoatedtitan, Hyeon_C, Grandelf, Ahconn, Titan_888, and especially Flamingo, who is now the ultimate addict, having played nearly 80 games in less than 6 weeks (though always same map over.... doesnt it get boring?  :)

Celestial Heavens, THE best site for Heroes IV news and info. [10/07]
Currently the most popular site to visit when you want the latest collection of screenshots, news, and information about Heroes IV, or even general Heroes III info, strategies and campaigns,  the Celestial Heavens site is the place to go.  It is even used as reference for some of the questions asked in the Knowledge TOH Trivia tournament.  A link is to this site is available on the sidebar.

Automation Improvements. [10/02]
Two additions to the TOH automation; When typing a name or any variant of it in the player search, it will go to a submenu where you can select a variety of names under your key words.    On the Rankings Page, you can now click on the player name or headshot to view their statistics directly.

Tournament News Update. [10/10]
Addicts Tournament has begun; players who have a lot of time on their hands should participate in it; it will only last 30 days, but 30 days of intense gaming for those involved.
The Hero Tournament has become immensely popular, and continues its competitive rounds until December 1st.
Speedeamon Tournament has its own fans of trigger happy players, and continues its round 1 gaming.
Knowledge Tournament has got a lot of people trying out the quizzes, and will continue to post questions on the zone regularly until December 1st.
Warlords shields are held by a select few, and continues as usual.

Thanks to the ToH players involved. [10/12]
ToH uses the microsoft gaming zone for its support of Heroes of Might and Magic, still the best site to meet and match up games.  However, yesterday a specific zone team volunteer +RetGuvvie98 abused his priviledges and gagged a few members and administrators.  Thanks to the many TOH players' complaints this zone team volunteer will no longer bother the Heroes Zone room.

1,000,000. [9/26]
It is now 20 days since ToH season IV started, and as of this writing we have had 1218 people register, 1670 ToH games played in these 20 days!  
ToH now is about to break 1 million hits to its mainpage since it took up a counter two years ago.   As an extra, whomever visits the page and screenshots 1,000,000 (or closest to it) will get a special distinction added to their rankings.  Additional statistics; in Season I-III 26,700 games were played in TOH with 11,600 players registered.
Evil_Boy was the 1,000,000th visitor and won the distinction!

.... A Day to Remember [9/11]
This infamous day with the destruction of the World Trade Center and the great loss of life is a sad one for Americans and the free world.   It brought us a first hand view of terror and despair.  We should learn to cherish our mortality and pray for the many lost to us.  

"How many lives must we sacrifice, before we count the cost.
How many bodies must we bury, how many souls must be lost.
One life's too high a price to pay, One life, One soul, One man.
We must work together, we must grieve together.  
Only together can we stand." -Brenda B.
Perhaps on the internet world we break our religious and national barriers and come together on times like these, even in playing a game like heroes.  -Melissa Perry


How the Honor Rating System Works [9/10]
The Honor Rating is calculated as a percentage, each player starting at 50% when they register.  The value then is shown on the player info & statistics as a description based on the percentage:
90-100% - Highest Honor
70-89% - High Honor
50-69% - Honorable
40-49% - Average
20-39% - Poor
0-19% - Disgraceful
Players who hit 0% can be removed from TOH.  In general, the % changes based on your opponents opinion of your game during the winloss submission; +3% for honorable, -3% for dishonorable, and no change in the default neutral.
Unreported losses -  When a player does not report their loss and does not dispute it when it is found on the unreported winloss page, they lose 5% honor after 5 days of it being on the unreported page, and the entry is deleted automatically.
The Cherry - If a player acquires the 'cherry', any future games versus recruits will result in a 5% loss in honor per game.  The Cherry is rather hard to get though, it requires that you play (90% or more of your games vs recruits and low ranking footmen who are not former veterans -- while being a squire or higher rank).  It is not how many low rankers you beat, but the proportion you play against.

Welcome to the Tournament of Honor Season IV [9/1]
Welcome to the new and improved site, with new automation that gives even more personalization to your online gaming.  All rankings are updated in real time.  Take note that when you register, you may also submit a personalized headshot or 'avatar' to be added to your player records.   

Make sure you read the new player information page as well as the rules & info page!  There will be several fresh subtournaments, but clans will remain closed until heroes4.   Divisions continues on from season III.

Players who have Veteran status (who carry over dragon & wyvern icons from Seasons I-III, contact us if they do not appear on your record within a 2 days after you register.

This season IV ToH will end on the release of Heroes IV, in which then all heroes III gaming will move to the heroes classic tournament, which on its own will be a subtournament of homm4 TOH.  This way when some players may not get their heroes IV on time, or wont like heroes IV, they can still participate in TOH under the heroes classic subtourney (though only Homm4 games and tournaments will apply for TOH points and medals).


Heroes IV on the Way [2/15/01]
The developers have revealed that the game will feature a completely new engine that will run in 800x600 as a minimum, and it will support resolutions of up to 1280x1024. Although the game will still be two-dimensional like its predecessors, it will feature significantly enhanced graphics. The developer has re-examined everything in the game, and rather than simply refine the elements of the previous games in the series, Heroes IV has been completely rebuilt using several elements that the designers felt were critical to the series. The New World representatives wouldn't tell us anything further at the moment, but they promised to reveal some more specific information later this year.

Heroes 4 News and Info. [8/23/00]
Welcome to the Future of TOH, and the sites' crisp new look :)

This site will eventually grow on new news and info regarding Heroes4, and will activate for registrations approximately a month before Heroes 4 comes out.  News and updates regarding Homm4 will also be posted here.
* Take note that obviously most links are inactive, and this page is a template for the final page forthcoming towards the release of Homm4.

If you have suggestions or comments (no brainless ones please) contact me via my email.

Heroes' Finest Honor - Season III [8/22]
Two players this season, besides being honorable have shown the greatest comraderie, love for the game and extreme honor in TOH, as well as being very active in Season III:  Lichking and Lord of Kaos.  They will be recognized as season one's finest, recieving not only the award and prestige, but also a copy of Heroes of Might and Magic IV waiting at their door on the day of its release.  They join Zud, JB239 and Greystole as TOH's biggest heroes fans and the most honorable.
Others who should be mentioned, whom were a close second in getting this award, and perhaps deserved it just as much:  Defreni, Titan_888, Maxym and Eliogabalus.
Release Date of Heroes IV Confirmed
Expect the game to be released mid to late January 2002, so there is at least 5 months before we see it in our hands.
There will be a Heroes III Season IV TOH
Due to the fact that there will be 5 months of time before release of homm4, TOH will have a FULL season IV on the new TOH homm4 Server.  This new automation will give players even more personalization of their accounts and a chance to test out the new site.  Season III ends on the 5th, Season IV begins on the 6th :)
Season III Veteran Ranking Transfer Awards
All players with a certain point level will carry over these medals/icons to season IV and Heroes IV ToH depending on their rank at the end of TOH Season III on Sept 5th.

Official Seasons' End date and Tournament News Update. [8/18]
ToH Season III will end and close on September 5th, 2001.   There will be a period of closure, about 1 week, in which TOH will move to the Heroes4 Site.  All lieutenants and higher rank will get the veteran dragon/wyvern icons to carry over with them to heroes 4 TOH.  Also, the player with the highest TOH points will win the War Cluster, which will also carry over to homm4 TOH record.  All tournaments will end by this date, with exception of Divisions, which will continue to the date of release of Homm4.
Kings of Random and Tacticians' Corner Tournaments are near closure and finals. 
Grandmasters is nearing Round 3.
Clan Finals are in Round 2, with 4 clans remaining.
Cadets tournament is finally over, with Vali3_tip and Undead_Knight tied to 1st place.

ToH Player Statistics - Season III. [7/15]
Thanks to new volunteer Darxion, we have a tally of TOH active players in Season III as of 7/15/2001:
5        Generals       65   Colonels
84      Captains       143  Lieutenants
280    Sergents       799  Cadets
1242  Plebes          769  Inactives
(season I, II players who arent playing season III)

Totalling 2618 Season III active players, or 3367 including inactive players.
Registered players exceed 10,000 in number, but is irrelevant since many register and never actually play and should never be used as a measure of activity.  Heroes4 TOH activity is predicted to be 5 times this, and therefore the need for more advanced automation, or the volunteers will have no life :)

November 11, 2001. [8/9]
Following the rumors of 'when homm4 is being released?'   Electronics boutique now is taking preorders for the game, and its slated for release on November 11, 2001.  How realistic is this date?  More probable than a September, October or January release!

Rumor of Delay in Homm4. [8/5]
Rumor has it (word from CEO of 3D0) that Heroes IV may be delayed until January 2002 or later.  Is it due to an unfinished product, or the fact that Civilization III, Shadowbane, Dungeon Siege, Pool of Radiance II are all coming out in fall, and it would be way too much competition?

Honor in Seasons' End. [7/31]
As we approach the end of the TOH season III upon the release of HommIV, it is an Honor to see several players whom have shown outstanding honor and comraderie in the heroes community.   These 9 players are:  Buck, Troelsen, Bpanik, Winetoo, Rychenroller, Elitedewd, Bjorn190, The_Great_Pk, and Dargon.  They all recieve Honor Medals -- expect to play a fun and honorable game with these players.

Heroes IV Movies & Interview with Producer of Heroes IV. [7/25]
Interesting interview with Jeff Blattner, producer of Heroes IV:
Opening Heroes IV cutscene with the destruction of Erathia, click Here.
Interview with Jeff Blattner, click Here.
Information video on the creatures of Homm4, click Here.
Information video on the heroes of Homm4, click Here.
Information video on the skill system of Homm4, click Here.
Information video on the castles & seiges of Homm4, click Here.

Homm4 TOH Discussion Topics -  TOH Message Board. [7/3]
3 Discussion Topics have been posted on the TOH Message Board, I recommend that all TOH players post opinions and ideas relevant to their interests in TOH.  What is discussed there will undoubtedly reflect in how Heroes 4 TOH will continue to follow the tradition of the Tournament of Honor.

Things that will carry over to HeroesIV TOH:
-All veteran Dragon/Wyvern Icons from all 3 seasons, so essentially some players will start with up to 3 medals in Heroes IV.   Ex-war cluster holders, MVP medalists, clan finals victors and divisions finals victors will also carry over special icons.
-Division prestige and histories - The divisions of Heroes III will therefore have a head start in Heroes IV (though there will be signifcant rules changes, and the addition of player RPG elements for Legionnaires and higher rank).  Only former captains/generals of these divisions may attempt to reopen them in HeroesIV.
-Heroes I, II, III subtournament within the HeroesIV site for the nostalgic or those who will be slow in getting HeroesIV or dont want it.
-All Heroes III ToH history, rankings, old news, top 100 lists will be available to access.
-Automation will be improved from what we have now, and ToH moved to a new server, to help support the ten-fold increase in activity..
-Hall of Shame is reset, but so are the medals of honor.

Leave of Absence till July 4th  [6/6]
Me (Vesuvius) and Melissa will not be available for the next 4 weeks.  Our wedding date is June 16th, and will be in Maui for our honeymoon.  Any attempts made by me to access a computer and do ToH updates will be halted by an angry Melissa.  So the following volunteers (or any veteran online) should be contacted regarding any issues:
Deth8 - For all honor and dispute issues.
Jinxer - For all division material, though no new campaigns or divisions can be opened until July (something I can only update). Anything else that might be 'too important' wait until I get back :)


Blame it on the Captain.....  Division Finals  [5/29]
When a Captain decides to run a divsion, that Captain is responsible for his/her players; when a campaign is decided, they must know of their recruits' activity, and must notify the administrator of forefits, wins and losses in a campaign.  Expect a campaign to be disbanded if the Captain neglects to inform the Adminstrator of campaign updates past the deadline.  This is the responsibility aspect of running a division.  If a recruit feels they are not being useful in a division, make a request to an active division captain and join an active responsible division... there are many great division captains out there.
Division Finals..... there will be a division final, similar to the clan finals starting  June 30th, but held in September 2001.  It will support the largest awards TOH has ever offered, including free copies of Heroes IV.  More details later in the summer.  Some of the divisions' prestige does carry over to Heroes IV.

Honor, and Chinese Players.  [5/25]
The Microsoft gaming zone is a forum, where anything can be said without repercussions.  There has been a lot of anti-chinese commentary on there and it is in poor taste.  TOH gaming is not reflective of world politics, and we should keep it that way; If anything, the Chinese players as a whole are a very honorable bunch whose natural skill at heroes takes some people by surprise.

Tournament News Updates & Cash Prizes.  [5/18]

Toh Nations
Congratulations to Russia/FC_SP111 who wins the nations tourney after it started in Summer of 2000.  He wins the ToH Nations World Conquerors' plaque, and a $300 (!) cash prize.  Progo, Copper_Head1, Unknow Hero, Dmitriy, Youri, Trimurti, Vex, Damablanca, Ben, T_Drakon, Ugas_velikiy, Toy  win the TOH Nations Continental Powers plaque.

Cash Prizes
Speaking of which, a new page with a new button on the right has been created to keep track of all the cash prizes that have been given out in ToH.  Or visit the page here.

Tacticians Corner
New Tacticians Tournament, supported by Vazelin and Phantom1500, is a lighter version of Casualties of War, and hence easier to maintain.  Veterans say it can be a lot of fun.... Open for registrations!

ToH Clans
The clans are running strong, with fierce competition for the top 8 positions.  All clan games end on June 30th, when the finals begin.  Clan leaders may choose to purchase artifacts for their clan by June 20th; they will be unavailable after that point.

ToH Divisions
More Divisions are popping up, with numerous campaigns in progress.  Divisions is the best way to get up the ranks, and will be continuous till the season end upon the release of Heroes 4.  New players to ToH who want to experience fierce competition and recognition should join any division that may be open by contacting the captain or general of that division.


Hot Seat action weekend of May 25-27th
Getting Married June 16th

Last Chance for a hot seat 
before Melissa moves in!

Hosted by Vesuvius; will be 
held at my large apartment in 
Phoenix, Arizona.  Several
players already confirmed,
the more the better!

Players living in California
and Arizona should attend.
From as early as Friday to
as late as Monday players
are welcome to come visit.
Food & lodging included!
                                                                    From June 10th to 26th, I
                                                                    will be away for my wedding
                                                                    with Melissa and our trip to
                                                                    Maui and our honeymoon.

                                                                    If anyone did not know, 
                                                                    Melissa lives and studies in
                                                                    Philadelphia, but will move
                                                                    in with me in July.

 A surprise to me, Melissa is
 looking at a possible after-
 wedding heroes party!?!
 around June 18th in 
 Philadelphia, email her for
 if interested.  If enough
 players decide to attend, it
 sounds feasible.


Divisions Pages Re-Modeled and Updated. [4/13]
Divisions, the core tournament structure for  ToH, has been given a new look and a more user friendly setup; all matters regarding divisions are emailed to Vesuvius.  Divisions will be the main TOH tournament for the rest of the season, with most of the focus towards its growth especially when the clan seasons end in July.

Legends of Might and Magic... Coming Soon. [4/12]
3D0 is preparing a two-level demo that will be released before Legends hits retail. the PC specifications for Legends will be reasonable: According to the latest from 3DO, users will need a 300 mhz Pentium II or faster PC, at least a 16 mb 3D graphics accelerator and 64 mb ram -- though 128 mb ram will be recommended. In Legends, gamers can create their own character from six different classes and battle through four unique worlds to stop a madman who has stumbled upon the secret of the Gate of Anduran -- a machine that can transcend space and time and allow travel between the worlds of the Might and Magic universe. People must search for and obtain four ancient and powerful magical artifacts that will lead them to a face-to-face confrontation with this opponent. Online sessions will feature up to six people co-operating to complete the main scenario, with each person controlling the development of their own character. Legends will also come with a random adventure generator and pre-made adventures that people can complete alone or with others.
(click on pictures to the left for larger screenshots--)


New Advanced ToH Message Board.... and cash prizes. [3/17]
This will be the new permanent TOH message board, with specific controls to eliminate/ban spammers and make it a more productive message board.  In other news,
Kings of Random tournament will have a $70 dollar first prize, and a $30 dollar second prize; and $100 to the Assault tournament final.

Heroes IV screenshot. [3/1]
The month of March is supposedly the month that a significant set of info on Homm4 will be released with screenshots to tantalize us heroes addicts.  3DO will not attend the E3 expo, but a lot of their unveiling of homm4 will be via gaming sites and TOH. 
Click on photo to the right for a larger image, and speculation on what those structures are?
For more details on homm4 in the future, visit the
homm4 TOH site.

ToH and Heroes III - 2 year anniversary :))))  [2/28]

A nostalgic feeling came over when I discovered backup disks of TOH when it fit on one 1.4 meg floppy.... 2 years ago.  It was March of 1999, and with only 50 players ranked, 10 players on the hall of fame, and the hall of shame or the honor council didnt even exist.  Click on the photo to the right to visit the whole site as it was on that day with fully active links.  You can see who has been in TOH for 2 years and still actively plays today....
Click on picture above to 
TOH two years ago!
(Most links are still active)
By April of 1999 we had our
1.2 patch which eliminated the gremlin rush, creation of a Hall of Shame in June, to Zud becoming the heroes addict madman in August, and the great Armageddons Blade expansion pack in September. October brought the banning of Good to go and other small maps, and the introduction of the Honor Council.

Experimenting with imagemaps (Season I)
making it convenient for users in 6-1999
The year 2000 brought in Season II, an entirely new look for TOH and the introduction of the
Clan system to compete with the Divisions.  By february 5-10 different tournaments were occuring simultaneously, and the Shadow of Death expansion pack was introduced.  April was a great moment, when automation took the place of manual TOH rankings updates, and saved a many few grey hairs for all involved in updating, and the move to bring TOH from its orignal 'Simyar' site to its own TOHeroes.com server.

The Tournament expands with many links
and breaks over 10,000 players in season 2 

The Good, Bad and the Ugly. [3/10]
 The Good
: Congratulations to
Shamon, Lichking, Tvgenie and Discmana for the latest recipients of the Honor Medal this season, whom represent the ideal in comraderie and sportmanship of what all TOH players should be.
 The Bad: We have two players who were removed from TOH, who have come back under different handles;
Flamingo, who is playing under the guise of Faradey, and Killa Bee, who is playing as Delirious_Genie.  Instead of booting them again, they will keep their records under these new handles, but recieve the skull icon next to their names, and be limited to select tournaments.   Better to know who you are playing and choose to play them at your own risk. 
  The Ugly
Sir_Coma under probation for cheating is will return but also with a skull icon next to his handle.  Damm_Phoenix and Dendruid13 both get cherries for ultraheavy newbie plebekilling, and start losing 100 points for every future plebe kill.  Most players should not worry about playing plebes but be welcomed to playing them.  But when nearly all of your points are racked up from plebekilling, expect the cherry and more good stuff.

CoW tournament shut down.... submission of ideas.  [2/22]
Due to the work overload of supporting CoW and several inadequacies of the map editor along with a couple of errors, the Casualties of War has been disbanded.  TOH policy- if it doesnt work well, shut it down.  In the future (homm4) with better map editors and more serious automation such an undertaking would be more realistic.
However, beyond the hardcore TOH clans and divisions, and the crossroads/warlords subtourneys,  I am asking the
TOH public for innovative ideas on a fresh but simple subtournament available to all TOH players, which would continue in several cycles to end of season christmas 2001 when heroes 4 arrives.  Submit any concepts or ideas to Vesuvius.  
Also: The TOH spanish mirror has been replaced/re-linked to a spanish tournament which can also be visited

FYI - In the Winloss reporting, we do read the comments :) [2/20]
When you submit a win or loss report, the comments you place into the box below are read, by Catalysis, Vesuvius, and Deth8.  Take a
look at how they are emailed to us for review.  This sample is a small exerpt from the 2/20 report, and certain sensitive information has been edited out (which helps us identify fake reporters).

Battlefest Update...and some news on 3DO.  [2/16]
Congratulations to Adin777 for making it to 1st place in Battlefest, GrandElf for 2nd, and Frank & Dagmund for 3rd place. In other news, 3D0 is reducing staff, however, their main game projects like Heroes IV remain intact "We're full speed ahead on all of our announced products".   Heroes4 news updated.

TOH Nations News.  [2/13]
Congratulations for good effort to Eliogabalus of Norway, Slow_worm of Germany and Amazon_king of Brazil who singlehandedly took their countries to the final 5. Great job and play on! As for Nations we are down to the final 2 countries - Canada (Jb239, Frank, Yawacko, Pandora) and Russia (Antal, FC_SP111). The survivors will rule the world.

Happy Valentines day!  [2/13]
Those who are married or romantically inclined, put down that heroes game and have some fun.  Those married to Heroes....
PLAY ON!!!!!

Adrenaline Vault article by Jennifer Bullard, associate designer of Heroes IV "So do you want to be a game designer?" [2/9]
Not heroes related, however Jennifer Bullard, associate designer for 3DO's upcoming Heroes of Might & Magic IV, asks the perennial question: So you want to be a game designer? Her answer can serve as your guide into the industry.
  Read it here.

Interesting reading for most of you, and crucial reading for a few of you:  Article 'A matter of Life and Death' by Michael Wolf. [2/8]
In this excellent and serious article Michael explores the realm of online obsession and the anonymity of the internet.  When you tell someone you love that you cant spend time with them because you must play your TOH game, you need to step back from your pastime.  Read it
  -Melissa Perry
d more....

Tournaments & Links. [1/28]
Crossroads ToH Tournament: A large tournament set up by ToH coordinator Kreszantas.  Takes several popular tournament elements into a varied competition.
Divisons and Clans:  Clanleaders and Division leaders continue to set up wars and campaigns, campaign medals page updated.  All clanpages are
full, therefore inactive clans will be disbanded in a few weeks to allow fresh applications.
Did you ever want your portrait in Heroes3?  Visit this site, www.multimania.com/modhomm3/ where a group of talented players have designed programs to allow you to edit and import certain things like hero portraits, items and creatures.

Tournament News Update. [1/22]
Clans Reminder:  All clan games count for TOH points as well!  It has been this way since the beginning of seasonIII, but there has been some confusion lately with players not reporting their clan games to TOH rankings.
TOH Clans Elementalists:  Notice that the skeleton philosophy is wiped out, and there is a new clan philosophy, Elementalists (original elemental philosophy has been renamed conflux philosophy).  If that aint a good clan I dont know what is.  *Note you must refresh your clanpages on some broswers to get the new image map to replace the old one with right links!
TOH Clans Grand Arena:  The one and only mass clan tournament for this season, bring forth your best player to participate.....
WinLoss Reports Maps List:  Notice when you
submit a win or loss report now, all the maps that are on TOH maps page are listed.  Report the right map when you play to get credit!
600,000:  Whomever who enters the site and happens to screencapture being the
600,000th person to visit the site gets a bonus hero biscut
ToH activity
Opposite of what I had predicted, with the 2 years of ToH and Heroes3 passed, the activity levels in TOH have increased (!) not decreased, and occasionally zone can be seen with as many as 120 players at any time.

Tournaments, Awards, and Maps Submissions/Rating [1/15]
Take note that the Menu Bar above now reads Submit/Rate Map (a new ToH feature) - ToH Message Board (for posting messages/discussions) -  Player Search (Removed find player button on sidebar).
A Maps site, part of ToH is for players to
submit and rate maps, and is linked both on top as well as on the maps mainpage.
Congratulations to recipients of new Honor medals: Sir_Tiger, Dajosa, Ultros_TOH, Defreni, Lord of Erathia and Arteman.  They represent the best of what TOH is supposed to be about, Honor, Respect, and Heroes Addiction.  Andiangelslayer and Elitedewd are now new members of the Honor Council, replacing Pandora and Alex Killer.
All Cadets-Sergents Tournament is open for registrations, for any non-veteran player (no dragons/wyverns on ranking) under
1140 points.
The Addicts tournament is complete, and
Raider wins 1st, Rashjones 2nd, and Lastplace in last place.
Casualties of War tournament will be open for registrations on January 30th, with
new purchase prices and modified rules.  Do not attempt to register for it until January 30th, the current page does not reflect the new revamped CoW.
ToH Clans will have a
Grand Arena Challenge at an undetermined date, clanleaders interested in participating or submitting a member to represent their clan, contact Vesuvius.  Successful arena victors will take the goods to their clan :)
Divisions are now fully active, and will grow to become the core tournament for TOH as the season rolls on; and will be the only continuous tournament till end of season when ToH becomes Heroes IV - only.
Updates made to
Hall of Fame (about 500 players listed), and Veterans page (Zud now has 450+ games played in ToH!)

Greystole, Reanimator and Vesuvius in Hawaii,
each holding their favourite version of Heroes 3.
Happy New Years, nearly 2 years of Heroes III :-) [1/9/01]
Hope everyone had a nice holiday; It seems that even with the age of Heroes3, it remains pretty popular, at least among addicts.  It is quite impressive, for there are many other games that may surpass heroes3 in popularity, but the interest in them is not timeless like Heroes of Might and Magic.  WIth Heroes4 coming out in approximately one year, we can expect some preliminary teasers and screenshots pretty soon, perhaps in February. 
In other news the 
Casualties of War tournament begins for registrations on the 30th.  Serious TOH players interested in helping out for the CoW tournament please contact Vesuvius.  I am also looking for suggestions to tweak the rules/purchases for CoW before we begin.   Jinxer will now take care of Clan Rankings from now on.
What are you up to for the Holidays? [12/23/2000 - 1/9/2001]
Have a nice holiday, whether it be family and friends, or some extra time into massive heroes sessions.  I will be away from December 23 to January 9th, so please contact other volunteers for any problems or specific updates.