February 1999: ToH opens with the release of Heroes III.

The Heroes3 Tournament is now open for signups! [2/16/1999]
Welcome to a fresh tournament developed by a veteran of heroes. This site will be expanded over time, as memberships grow. Updates will be frequent, and you can contact me for Heroes 3 Q&A at any time. The Tournament will start shortly after the release of Heroes 3, RELEASE DATE: MARCH 3!!!!

This Site Continues to grow...[2/19/1999]
It looks to me that Heroes III will be more popular than Heroes2 ever was, and with increasing internet activity this year, more players for the joining -- therefore a bigger, better and more elaborate tournament. Speaking to Beowulf, of the once great Oracle League tournament, he will most likely not re-open the oracle. As this site grows larger, and players reach rankings of captain or general, they will have power to run their own mini-tournaments between their rival groups/clans/divisions. See information page for those of you who are powerhungry and want to run the show.

Signups Madness![2/24/1999]
Player signups are coming in at a rate of 12 per day...you may begin free challenging opponents as soon as the game is released, speaking to players, I already see some with eyes to Captaincy; make sure you know the tournament system, see the tournament page and info page.

A few days and Ive got my hands on it....[2/28/1999]
The moment youve got Heroes 3, youre welcome to challenge anyone willing to play. To some of the newer players playing more veteran players of Homm2, I recommend you ask your opponent if you can play a map youre more comfortable with, and even a starting class that you may prefer. Those with ICQ, check to see whos online, and challenge them! Chances are theyre looking for someone to play.

Heroes 3 is on the hard drive! [3/3]
Start challenging opponents when you feel ready for a game. I most definitely want to play a game online. If I see a player online, I will challenge him/her... dont be chicken and enjoy the multiplayer action. Start with a medium map to conserve time initially.

A Letter From a Member.[2/25]
A member e-mailed me with more questions about the tournament system regarding divisons, and here's my detailed answer, I believe every other detail is covered by the tournament and info pages. Also read: Letter Part 2.s one player before the opponent does, points are worth half. Player loses 10 winner gains 20.

Multiplayer Info[3/5]
The computer can be tough on small maps, I do not recommend playing them for multiplayer games.

Excel Reference Workbook[3/9]
Michael Crandall and Dan Samela have created a creature reference file using Excel; download it HERE but you'll need Excel to run it. Similar to Melissa's units chart but in text format. Contact them at snapster@cableaz.com if you have questions.

IRC connections[3/16]
Some players who have IRC and not ICQ, there are a lot of players looking for challenges on the IRC channel matnet.ak.castlenet.org:6667 channel #isle-league

Our First Cheater!!!!![3/12]
Once in a while, we get losers among us who like to use the cheat codes, expecting to get somewhere. If youre not caught the first time, you will be the second. PHIL HART, should win an award for the dumbest cheater of all time. Play him at your own risk, but he isnt worthy of heroes; he should go play Diablo instead. To the cheaters out there, I dont need ya.

Add's Place Birthday BASH![4/1]
Five winners competed in the heroes battle challenge, and the winners were: WTPooh, TRoPPo, Dread Lord Blackened, Melissa X, and Tamanrasset. They each recieve a medallion artifact, and 30 associated points; and best of all, they win a prize (software) from addy's place.

Some New Music....[3/14]
LBytes has posted up some nice MP3 audio files to modify/replace your current heroes 3 music files. Go HERE to check them out! Ive already replaced my heroes3 main page music to some Conan the Barbarian music.

The First Campaign: Vulcan Forge vs Deep Blue[3/29]
Those of you in those divisons, check your opponents on the Tournament Page.

Hard Copy Units Card Missing [3/4]
Those of you who have bought the game notice that there is no hard copy card of monsters like in Homm2 and Homm1. So Melissa X took the time to update & correct the Units and stats chart. Now an accurate Unit List JPEG can be downloaded, and printed for your use and reference like in Homm2!

Some maps have become popular to play and are reasonably balanced in 2 player multi action; All for One, Ascention, Crimson and Clover, Divided Loyalties, Emerald Isles, Overthrow thy Neighbours, Realm of Chaos, Rumble in the Bogs, Southern Cross. Some maps I do NOT recommend are Dragon Orb, When Dragons Clash. Also Visit a new Maps Page at this site: THE ERATHIAN VAULT.

Point Rankings System Modification[4/8]
Win points are now 30 +- win differential as to 40 +- win differential. This is to reduce score inflation and make the player ranking more realistic. The loss point system remains the same. Player Promotions to Captain and General has also been made slightly more difficult. See the INFO page.

Heroes of might and magic 3 has a new patch that helps out in many ways, but most importantly, in speeding up multiplayer data transfer. Go get it from 3D0 as soon as possible. Those with cracked versions or beta copies: it wont work!

Addy's Kickoff Tournament Hosted Here[4/14]
Those who had signed up for the tournament, have now been matched up against each other to compete. Besides an artifact medallion, there are some other prizes given to the top 3 winners. Visit this Page.

New Maps Page.[4/23]
Although rather small for now, some of these maps have been submitted to me by dedicated players who think they would be good for multiplayer. Check them out here if you like.

Addy's Site Continues to Grow[4/29]
Nemesis has put up a very detailed heroes 3 section, with artifacts, spells, heroes, etc on this page for your gaming refrence. The list is quite large.....

More Maps![5/7]
Visit the Hero Chronicles where a new maps page with many multiplayer maps has been set up, and for use in our tournament....

Go to the LIST or follow the usual links to the player list. Here you can acquire a focused group of players who use icq regularly to play heroes for the tournament. If youve played many games and arent on the list, ICQ Vesuvius for a request to be placed on that list.

Division Histories now recorded.[4/22]
On the divisions page, you can click on their division icon to check their histories. The Deep Blue vs Vulcan Forge campaign is coming to an end, and several new divisions will be forming amongst the new captains.

NEW DIVISIONS OPEN, positions available![4/22]
Go visit the divisions page, and if youre not part of a division already, you may join one by putting a request directly to the division captain to join. You need to have played at least two games though.

GRAND MASTERS Heroes Invitational [4/28]
Work in Progress on a prestigeous tournament involving some of the best players in this tournament. Click here to see who has been invited. Those who have been invited must accept to be a part of this invitational.

Its always a sad day when..... [5/23]
ANTAL, well known as a high ranking member and a division captain, has been removed from the tournament, permanently. Under a lot of evidence and pressure from honorable players, his dishonorable methods have forced this action. Antal is very intelligent, and a great heroes strategist, but has used his smarts for things I dont want in my tournament. Read the opinions voiced by the heroes Community.

Big Brother Is Watching You.....[6/11]
With enough evidence, someone whom I feared was cheating Raven_EOD has been removed from the tournament (he cheats by editing map to his advantage). There are some players who just dont play quite right, and believe me, you will be caught sometime. But to the honorable players out there, dont get paranoid, for most players are nice mature people who ENJOY playing heroes. With this fiasco, Ive created a Hall of Shame, with details of why they were removed. I never wanted to create such a page, but it seems appropriate now

I Wanna Be Famous......! [6/8]
Melissa X, player and now Playmate extraordinaire, begged me to put an announcent here, about her new homepage, and to tell the world that she is now officially working for Playboy Magazine. Visit her homepage here. Her new schedule better not interfere with her heroes gaming requirements...

Alternative to the Gremlin Rehiring Strategy. [5/11]
Those of you who know about this tactic, and find it cheezy, can make an honorable agreement with your opponent to not use the wizard hero purchase and retreat option. Your opponent will accept if honorable. For some other honorable suggestions, read this passage.

Newbie killers Anonymous. [6/6]
Beware newcomers to online multiplayer heroes, you can be an easy target for someone with more experience, and tricks up their sleeves. When you see a captain or lieutenant challenge you, make sure you know what youre getting into.

Icq numbers now on rankings list.[6/9]
This will make it easier for players to add the most active players to their icq list. Thank Bobby Ohms for his assistance in this matter.....

You Bettah Report it Boah![6/10]
As of tomorrow, I will not be posting scores up for specific games where there isnt both the win and loss reported by the players in question. To players whom have a tendency to lag or ignore reporting their loss after the game, I will lag or ignore recognizing you for the tournament.

Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone - alternative to Icq.[6/24]
After visiting www.zone.com, I realized that there are at least 1/3 of our members playing there- the program is much more stable than heat.net and free. So I visit there regularly for Q&A (like a chat room); try it out. If you register there try to register under your tournament name to avoid confusion to others.

Those Poor Newbies decided to send you one...[7/5]
This pretty little 'medal' is given to a select few players whom have in the past and present slayed soo many poor newbies; It is neither an honor or dishonor. Just consider it my gift to you. It will only show up on the rankings page.

The Lordship Tournament starts today!!!!![7/6]
Players now can challenge others for territory, so can outsiders challenge on invadable lands. All the information you need on how to challenge or what to do is on the Lordship tournament page! Good luck people and lets see who dominates......

Want Hot Seat action up close and personal?[7/10]
Will be held on the weekend of July 23-25. Something Ive considered doing, is inviting anyone over here to Philadelphia, who is interested in staying over for some heroes madness for a couple of days.. The Anvil, and Melissa X will be here to play as well. If you think its feasible, and live relatively nearby, you are welcome to arrange something. I want to try to get several players here at once, and maybe play an 8 player game? Looking to do this sometime in late July. The heroes madness continues.... email me.

Here we go again, more cheater action![7/20]
Ultor and Foxgrinder have cheated by editing the map to their advantage. Visit the Hall of Shame. If you suspect an opponent of doing this, either host instead, or make sure you have first pick on color if the host picks the map.

  Just if you were curious....[7/31]
As with a big tournament, one gets a lot of complaints, and people dont realize that this site is a one-man show out of my own pocket and personal time. Some people just cant be made to appreciate it. Some even think that this tournament is full of beurocracy and kissing butt. Wrong, you move up by your merits and honor. Tara772, sent me this email, and I might as well have everyone get a chance to read it - its the kind of garbage I get typically with this sort of character. All I ask of players are: Youve got a brain, use it, and respect others.

The Photo Page [7/22]
The photo page has become huge, but Melissa wants more of you to send her pictures of yourselves, especially the captains and lieutenants. Visit the Photo Page to see for yourself.

Heroes Addicts Madmen [7/30]
The Heroes Addict Medal (currently owned by Flamingo, at 72 games) is soon to be up for contention by Zud (69 games), Lone Chinchilla (67), Bobby Ohms (67), Sir Punkalot (66), JB239 and Vex at (62). Who will be the new ultra-addict? Only time will tell. With it will come some fringe benefits, as these players usually end up being replacements for laggers in the lordship tournament, or viable replacements in campaigns.

A Warning for some. [8/6]
Since this tournament has become so massive, I wish to improve the quality of players in it. There are certain players, who have acted dishonorably, perhaps in a subtle way, but I usually get wind of most of it. I plan to cut them off sometime soon... even a general in question! Subtle? Like mouthing players off, bad temper, intentional crashing, two computer action, and fake win reports. I will be sending a personal warning to these players, and they can defend themselves if they wish. To those who fall into this category, you know who you are; changing your ways from this point can save you.

Heroes Addicts Madman [8/2]
Congratulations to Zud, who is the new recipient of the Heroes Addict Medal, for breaking Flamingo's addict record at a current 74 games!

A new map, of my own design in the works since March, and a followup from the original Arena from heroes2, is available for download. It is designed as an XL map for maximal balance but extreme long-game tactics and superior fun. To encourage players to play more large maps and stop playing baby games, games played for Arena count as double win/loss. 

Teamsters Cooperative Tournament Begins Today!!![8/9]
Because of popluar demand for a 2vs2 tournament, a new cooperative tournament has been set up. 16 Teams now compete in an elimination tournament for the ultimate prize and honor. Check it out HERE.

The Isle League Reopens.[8/14]
This daughter tournament has been created by The_Wiz, and supports a standard oracle league-based tournament structure. Wins/losses will count in this tournament, and its specialty tournament, the Deamon Cave, will be represented by special medals in the tournament of honor.

THREE New Buttons Above[8/20]
For new players, the New Players Startup Kit covers all most of the common questions that are asked about playing in this tournament. The Honor Council will sort out issues of Honor for the Tournament of Honor and for the Isle League.  These issues will include things such as: cheating accusations, accusations of subtly dishonorable play, refusal by one party to finish games; so for issues such as these, contact the council. Make Sure Both Wins and Losses are Reported Disputes file is now a 3rd button on top.

Free Challenge Games Back online [8/25]
Thanks to some volunteers, such as Jinxer, Pandora, The Rock, Loraxian, Varemenos, and The Wiz, their help in assisting me running this tournament is greatly appreciated, and it in turn allows for the free challenge games to continue, and for rankings pages to be updated regularly again.

Players for the Tournament Honor: The Zone. [8/30]
This place now has become the most popular place to play heroes for the tournament. At some players' request, I recommend all players move to the TOURNAMENT ROOM. This, in the long run is to separate the mix of random players from the regular tournament players. Also, if youre afraid that you wont be able to 'hang' in the original chat room, remember that you can be in two different zone room at one time. At least play your games in the TOURNAMENT ROOM. .www.zone.com

Another New Link, and other stuff. [9/1]
Blackmage has a new site visit it here. It is a place for players who want to post their best single player campaign scores and other things. Note to all players, I will be away till Tuesday 9/7, but the volunteers will maintain & update the rankings pages.

Are you a worthy Recruit?[9/7]
Many new captains have opened up divisions, and are looking for a few fresh players to join in the glory. If you are reliable, honorable, and have played at least 4 games, contact an open division captain or general to join in. Another 2 campaigns have just begun, some ready to go. Check the divisions page and rankings page to check out the specialty divisions. AND some of the unique Artifacts you can acquire on the campaign medals page.

The Zone Heroes III: Most Visited Game.[9/18]
Thanks to this tournament, Heroes 3 on the zone has become more popular and has caught the eye of the zone staff. Lots of new players coming in, but some natural cheaters as well. Cheaters, even the clever ones, are being caught. Don't do it. Everybody is encouraged to save after every turn so they can check for cheating AFTER the game is over.

New Rank, new rules.[9/19]
When the player achieves a rank beyond 1600, they will now be promoted to Colonel. Colonels can be first lieutenants for divisions, or control the division itself as the 'captain'. To be promoted to General, a colonel must now own a division. Visit the information, divisions, and rankings pages for more info.

Breaking the Big Numbers [9/23]
The tournament is approaching 100,000 hits! And the registrations have broken the 3000 mark. The listings page is now in alphabetical order, to make it easier for players to find names. The division campaigns have several new rules as well, to make the campaigns even more interesting and playable. All generals, captains, and 1st lieutenants of divisions now participate fully and new rules on the use of the artifacts for a division. Check out the Campaigns section of the information page.

Heroes Addicts Tournament Now In Progress.[9/28]
Pushed by the addict public a new tournament is up for registrations for players with minimum 15 games or more on record. Check out the Tournament page for this new tournament, serious players only. 30 Players active. No more room for new players.

Have you every played Command & Conquer?[9/25]
All garbage small maps, such as Good to Go, 1on1, Barbarian Breakout (and many others) cannot be played for points anymore. If you like such a map, and you play that for quckie points (you know who you are), you should maybe try CC2 Tiberian Sun, you might like it better. In 2vs2 games all players need to report who their ally was, and who their winning/losing opponents were. In 3 or 4 player games, make sure you list who was first to last place in your win/loss reports. People like to squeeze a few extra wins sometimes by reporting these games imporoperly, and when I catch these reports, I delete them, and nobody gets nothing.

The Expansion pack- Armageddon's Blade NOW IN![9/30]
"TWO THUMBS UP" Most stores have recieved the game today in the US. Store prices average $30.00. Gameplay enhancements make it even better to play, and you can add monsters guardians to mines. The Heroes Stats Card is also back!

The Zone - Expansion Pack [10/1]
The expansion is now playable in the zone, at this link. I recommend all players to purchase the expansion, because it has improved networking code, and improved gameplay which eliminates cheeze. Several weeks into the future, most, if not all specialty tournaments will be expansion only. Free challenge will always be both, however.

Expansion Players [10/4]
Those of you with the expansion, e-mail or Icq Vesuvius to have the icon above placed next to your name in rankings. This will help me in organizing tourneys and tell others who's got it.

V1.2 Patch Now available [10/7]
The new patch for Heroes 3 is now available for download on 3DO's homepage, our use your autoupdate. Like the expansion, it will make several gameplay modifications, such as eliminating the rehire tricks. I recommend everyone to download this patch, it will make for a better game. All specialty tournaments will be 1.2 only.

Posting of win/loss reports [10/16]
Note that when you post a win or loss now, there is a required email address box. You must put in your email there, or the report will be ignored. This will help facilitate communication to any player directly from the report should there be a discrepancy.

Honor Council Update [10/9]
With the new patch, certain dishonorable 'tricks' can be avoided, so the Honor Council has made a new recommendation. "Make special rules only at your own risk!" Read the new policies proposed by the
Honor Council on the button above the newsletter.

Flamingo wants an answer. [10/10]
Player and cheater Flamingo, wants to be reinstated. To this day he claims to be innocent, and again, its a shame that he loves heroes so much. But it wont happen. If one practices dishonorable play, I am sorry, but I dont care how much appreciation you have for the game, for you have none for your opponent. Hall of Shame updated.

Cadets & Sergents Tourn Final Expansion[10/27]
Due to many players on wait, the tournament has been expanded to hold 48, no 56, NO 64 players. The victors of this tournament reap great rewards.....visit the tournament page. Players have been matched and are ready to play. With the sheer number of players, if you cant play by deadline, youre a gonner, someone will always be around to replace you.

What does the future hold for the Tournament?[10/26]
With TOH almost 9 months old, the Universal Commander tournament is around the corner. Some new ideas and changes will take place at the end of this grand final. The lengthy discussion on the zone sums it all up, more details will be available as time goes on, so please dont e-mail with more questions.

Universal Commander Tournament [10/30]
Its finally time, and the best of the best meet here. Invitation only, then only to the Generals and Colonels. Those involved visit the tournament page. Drawings will take place on sunday 'live' online in zone chatroom 2pm EST.

Lets make the rehire issue clear....[11/2]
Some players are confused with the rehire/retreat issue. Its simple, it is very much ok to take a hero and attack a random monster and retreat him, for whatever tactical reason you want. The issue of rehire came to be in homm3 because players used it to accumulate monsters (buy/retreat over many times). With V1.2, this is not even an issue.

News of the Day: LOL!!!! [11/12]
A big thank you to deathangels for sending me an excerpt of a conversation that went on in the zone. Apparently, two zone hosts came to the room, saying that tournaments cannot be run in there. I have tried a billion times to get them to tie in TOH with the zone, but that place is so full of beaurocratic nonsense. So they tell me I need to take these zone classes. So I do, and am almost done. Last night though, I missed one of these classes, so they mustve been looking for me. I would like sponsorship by them, but their rules are outrageous, and their tournament structure cannot even physically apply to heroes. In the class, I learned that the tournament cannot run for more than 3 hours! Um, how long does a regular heroes game take? Their tournament thing was designed for card games, backgammon and at most real time strategy games. So its a big waste of time. Continue gaming on the zone, and ignore these people. If anyone wants to try the zone courses on TOH's behalf, and get it over with, please go ahead with my endorsement. Read the hillarious zone conversation. Also read my letter to the top boss of zone tournaments, and her useless reply.

Where are all the Heroes Fan sites gone? [11/16]
It seems that recently, a disturbing trend has continued, with many sites going down, or not getting updated anymore; such as Nether Gods, Hero Chronicles, Isle League etc. Others have remained as vegetable sites for advertising banners. There are however, always a few new sites that pop up, such as Anvil's Random madness (under construction), and the Lazy Dragon Inn, that stay true to the great heroes game. And as for this site, a promise was kept, that as long as heroes exists, this Tournament will continue. And it does, and only gets stronger..... :-P

Clan Wars You wanted it, You have it.
Public demands revised dates!
Due to the demands of the community to start it early, the Clans will open for battle even earlier on Monday November 29th. Registrations also open early on Monday Nov. 22nd. Go visit, the most original, intriguing and exciting tournament yet. Let the Games Begin! This tournament has been in the works for a long while, perfecting the methodology and balance between philosophies. Now it can be presented to the public. If you havent already, find those perfect teammates, and prepare to join the clans.

Clan Games are now Open for Gaming [11/28]
Clans can now challenge each other in any form of clan games. Players still can enter at anytime. Those without map choice or graphics, pick them soon, or I will pick for you.
Grand Arena Challenge: Any clan with more than 1 member can send a player to participate in a grand arena challenge beginning later this week. Visit the details for this clan tournament on the
clan mainpage. I am in the process of editing the maps, if available on your philosophy homepage, download the zip file and use them only. If not available, edit them in yourself for now.

Heroes of Might and Magic IV [11/23]
After speaking to the Producer of the Heroes series, he has acknowledged that another Heroes is in the works. Not much more informative than that though. Estimating their progress, realistically a heroes 4 would come out around this time next year. On other news the Clans are filling up fast, 60% full on the first registration day. A lot of 1 member clans, though....

An innovative move by a clanmember [11/30]
Black Dragon of the Angels Sword Clan has created his own homepage for his clan, for game schedules and other things related to his clan. A great idea, I recommend other clanleaders do the same, ill make a link to their sites on their clanpages.

Notice the Ad Above![12/6]
An experiment, an idea with help of Melissa and Phoenix Nemesis, if these ads produce any reasonable sort of income, it can be used for more 'tangible' prizes in the tournaments.

Bugs'n things [12/9]
Notice another button above, Heroes Bugs, which now lists several critical unadressed bugs/errors that you should be aware of while playing, that are not in the 1.2 patch.

Conduct on the Zone, lets be Mature about it. [12/7]
I have been told by many tournament and non-tournament players that some people act way immature, shouting threats, swearing, or acting 'racist'. This tournament does not control MSN Gaming Zone, but we do ask for a bit of maturity, especially in a mature game like this. Please read more about the issues of racism as well as poor conduct. I am not necessarily a politically correct overachiever, but neither do I condone babytalk.

Honor Council Update. [12/18]
The Honor Council welcomes two new members to its staff; Alex Killer and William. Pandora has also been enlisted as a liasion between the HC and Vesuvius. Issues regarding Volshebnik/Forum has been moved to the Old News section.

A New Season for TOH is finally here, final date set in cold steel forged on Mt. Vesuvius itself. Read all the details. Enjoy.

Congratulations to the Heroes Addicts! [12/20]
Hapkane, Champion of the Addicts, recieves a $40 electronics boutique gift certificate & the lionhead addict mask. AlX, 2nd Place Addict, recieves a $20 cash prize & greater mask. ZUD, 3rd Place Addict, gets the lesser mask.

Mentor Program For the 'Newbies'. [12/19]
New players, who wish to learn from top ranked players, may like to visit this Mentor Program, supported by Mocara & Salamandre. A lot can be learned, and a way to fight of those 'newbie killers'! A fun way to play and learn at the same time :)
*Note to all new players; no small map can be played for points in TOH.