And then the disappointment...  [10/31/15]
Multiplayer Problems with Heroes VII

Like previous iterations of Heroes with UBISoft, this new version works well in campaigns and solo gaming, but has broken multiplayer.  We've been waiting for a patch to fix multiplayer (so players can actually play games vs each other online) and there has been nothing so far -- nearly a month later.  So nobody has been able to play a tournament game with H7 to this date.  Many blame the makers of the game, but knowing UBI, the dev team probably was pressured with a deadline to release the game, and the sacrifice was the multiplayer aspect.   Now we wait, but of course with every month we wait it only kills the potential for the game.
Heroes VII Multiplayer  [9/29/15]
TOH Will Support win/loss Reports for Another Season of Online Multiplayer Competition

There is a lot of excitement about the potential for serious competitive gaming on this new iteration of Heroes of Might and Magic.  More dynamic combat options and a completely overhauled building and magic system... It seems to allow for even more tactical play in a turn-based strategy universe.  Most of us will be playing out the campaigns first, learning the new game; but registrations, win/loss reporting is all available to players as of today.  There is also a map editor coming with the game, and a lot of hardcore competitive players no doubt will be building their own maps to play for multiplayer.
Happy Heroes gaming! 
Here's a link to UBI's Heroes7 Mainpage.
Heroes VII Oh My!  [9/1/14]
The Next Generation of Heroes of Might and Magic Announced!

Well, the community is very excited for the next iteration of Heroes, though it looks a lot like an advanced Heroes 6, we hope that the gameplay will be fun, and the multiplayer will be working properly from the launch of the game.  It will be over 3 years since Heroes6, and will there be a tournament for Homm7?  ToH will be there if the multiplayer allows for a stable start to finish.  We shall see. 
Enjoying Might and Magic X  [4/10/14]
Fun to play, addictive, but only for the Old School Nostalgic.

The game brings back a lot of memories for those of us who are probably in our thirties and forties.  It mixes old school with better graphics, and the story is fun and addictive.  Its a fun diversion for those of you who want to immerse into a first person perspective version of Heroes of Might and Magic 6, and to play the RPG style game without the rush and competition of an MMO.
Might and Magic X released!  [1/23/14]
For some of us who have waited a decade to play again...

Long awaited, after 3D0's last failure of a game (MM9), Might & Magic X brings back the old school style of gaming where you have turn based battles in a first person view, with a party of characters.  Those of us who have been playing the Might and Magic world before Heroes, when games like Clouds of Xeen immersed us into PC gaming for the first time...
Hero Arena Tourney III -- Behemoth's Lair  [1/19/14]
A Polish-based heroes fan site is organizing an Arena tournament for Heroes III.  You can visit their forums here.  To create an account, visit this page.   Registration for the tournament, and information & rules visit the links listed.

Heroes 4 online World Championship  [9/4/13]
Open registration for Heroes 4 on-line World Championship 2013
Those of you who are still nostalgic for the one-off Heroes4, there is a tournament being held online -- registrations being accepted now.  You can visit the announcement thread here.  Some of the games initiate on September 6th.  Organized by CTPAHHuK.

The Future of Heroes Gaming?  [7/4/13]
Might & Magic X & Heroes Online... with some Heroes Kingdoms.

For some of us ancient heroes veterans, Might & Magic X is a return to the classic play, with updated graphics, some serious nostaliga there.  Though it is a solo-player game, some of us will be enthralled with classic first person party adventure that does not require fast twitch mousing reflexes.  Currently in development - you can participate in voting for devs.
Might and Magic Online on the other hand, is a massively multiplayer entry into the Heroes world, a sort of watered-down version of Heroes6.  You can see 1000s of players on there at any time and is probably the future of Heroes gaming online, as the long turn-based battles of Heroes6 keep most people away from competitive play.  Currently in beta  -- you can participate in the beta by submitting info for a beta key.

Heroes Kingdoms -- Preparation for HK Season 4 Starts in a Week  [2/24/13]
Old Veterans and Newer Friends Join up on the next TOH Alliance.

TOH will have two Alliances running, one on the Dragon Legacy PVP Server, and the other on the 'Strategic' PVP Server.  No TOH alliances on the PVE server.  If you're ready, and interested in joining up when the servers open, visit the Message Board thread and post your intent on participating.  The alliance will be organized through there.

Heroes Kingdoms Victories -- Preparation for HK Season 4  [8/22/12]
Ready for another Round of TOH Alliance on Heroes Kingdoms?

Some of us TOH veterans, as well as new players met on Heroes Kingdoms through the 2 years its been running are interested in joining in for the upcoming Season4 in late September.  Anyone interested in playing visit the Message Board thread.  ToH will also be sponsoring the new Diablo-like multiplayer Might and Magic Raiders, as well as the more Heroes MMO Strategy game Heroes Online to appear late in the year.

The Tournament of Honor is Now Open For Gaming For Heroes6!  [10/25/11]
Players Can Now Report their Games, Start the Free Challenge

I-Rankings have now all be reset, and registered player now can start reporting their wins & losses.  Veterans: Once you've achieved footman rank, your previous season veteran dragon/wyvern Icons will also be added.
II-Whether you plan to play competitively, or just for fun, the TOH rankings system is a great way of keeping records of your wins and losses, with detailed statistics.
III-To start a TOH game, open up a room on the server through UBI, either as 'TOH', or '' or 'Tournament of Honor'.  Eventually these rooms will fill up with players, and it can be used as a chat area as well.
IV-Skype is also an option with H6, and theres already a message board thread about it.
V-Most players are still playing the very extensive campaigns, and trying out single player maps, so it still will be a while before most H6 gamers start sinking their teeth into the online multiplayer.

Heroes VI Installed!  [10/13/11]
A beautifully crafted game -- Immerse in a new generation of Heroes.

Loading up the game you get some very sweet music with a plethora of options and menus... a lot to try out... starting with the campaigns!  As we get the hang of the game, and its multiplayer features, we will start opening up TOH for rankings points and hardcore competition for all.

Awaiting Heroes VI  [10/12/11]
Only a few days till the fun begins!

Cross our fingers that the multiplayer is going to be bug & lag-free.   With Heroes V there was bugs in multiplayer, and it was rather unplayable until 6 months later with proper patches.  Heroes IV didn't even have multiplayer at start!  Just to bring back some nostalgia, here are some soundtracks from good old Heroes I :)
Heroes I Barbarian Soundtrack -- Heroes I Sorcerer Soundtrack - Heroes I Battle Soundtrack

Heroes V Seasons' End  [10/11/11]
The veteran icons carry over

All Barons through Emperors will receive veteran icons, which will carry over to Heroes VI seasons.  They represent veterancy, and also will add to your prestige and give you a potential place in the Hall of Fame.  Visit Records & History to see all the seasons & years of gaming on TOH since 1999.

40 Prestige
1800 & over

35 Prestige
1799 & lower

30 Prestige
1600 & over

25 Prestige
1599 & lower

20 Prestige
1400 & over

15 Prestige
1400 & over

15 Prestige
1399 & lower

10 Prestige